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Ordering widget that works on any website & on mobile


Set up a Facebook online ordering system to reach more of your customers

2.45 billion users is a more than enough reason to start selling your food on Facebook.

In fact, it takes you less than 1 minute to integrate this online ordering system with your business page.

Simply add the ordering button on your Facebook page to receive orders.


Turn your smartphone or tablet into an order receiving machine

How this works: when someone places an order on your website, Facebook or mobile app, it instantly gets pushed to your Android or iOS device. 


Expand your Online Business with a Restaurant Delivery Software

Follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Create an account & fill in your restaurant profile
2. Enable delivery & draw your own delivery zones
3. Go to “Other” & choose the restaurant delivery integration that best fits your needs.


Use the Delivery Heatmaps to go where your clients are

Do you know where your high paying customers are?
Use the Delivery heatmaps to find out.

The brighter the color, the bigger the sales potential of an area.


Attract new customers & increase cart value with free delivery promos

Increase your customers’ cart value by offering them free delivery for minimum value orders or first-time customers.

It’s the best way to engage with more customers & persuade them to spend more money on food.


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